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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Stop Wasting Money on your Electrical Bills!

Mini Sun
Electric Power Saver

Yes! Discover How YOU Can Save Up To 30% In Your Electricity Bills Every Month With Ease!

What is Mini Sun Power Saver?

This new generation devices can filter the eddies in the supply voltage whilst improving the efficiency and power factor of your electrical appliances.

Do you know that Eddie Currents Costs You 30% of Your Electricity Supply!?

(click on image for highest resolution)

* Eddy Currents: electrical flow in a substance from variations in magnetic induction, which cause physical and electrical resistance in an alternator or transformer, therefore wasting power.

Benefits of MiniSun Power Saver

  • Reduce up to 30% of Electrical Consumption

  • Stabilize the Supply Voltage Filters Eddy Currents

  • Rapid Return on Investment (ROI) within 3 months

  • Reduce Electrical Overheating

  • Improve Efficiency & Power Factor of Electrical appliances

  • Surge & Brown-Out Protection up to 400V AC

  • Reduce Electrical Waveform Distortions

  • Maintenance Free No moving parts, No Wiring Required

  • Plug & Play- ready to use. No special installation required.

One Year Product Warranty

Risk Free!! 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee!!

(compare your electrical bills Before & After installing the Mini Sun Power Saver. If you experience no savings, we will gladly refund 100% of your money back)

Application of Mini Sun Power Saver

Single Phase: Just plug the device into any 13amps electrical outlet and switch on the Mini Sun unit. Best result to plug in the device into the electrical outlet nearest to the main-lines coming into the house.

3 Phases: 3 separate Mini-Sun units are required for each phase. If unsure, refer the installation to a qualified electrician.

Calculate How Much Money YOU Can Save

Average Monthly Cost of Electricity = $120

Based on Average 20% Electrical Savings Per Residential Unit

= 20% x $120

= $24 per month

Your Savings Per Year

= $24 x 12 months
= $288 per year

Rather than keep your hard-earned money idle or spending it on unnecessary electrical bills (lets be honest, utility bills are increasing due to higher taxes, increasing price of oil & gas used in power-stations).. why not invest it in the Mini Sun Power Saver?

Not only does it help you SAVE MONEY, it enhances the SAFETY of your house/office by providing surge and brown-out protection. It also helps the ENVIRONMENT by reducing electrical consumption in society.

Even if your saving on your electrical bill is a mere $3 per month (10% out of a bill of $30), with a life span of 5 years for the Mini Sun Power Saver, you can save:

  • 5 years x 12 months = 60 months
  • Total saving = $3 per month x 60 months = $180

** This more than covers for the investment of the MiniSun Power Saver!**

If your average electricity bill is $60 per month, and you were to save 20% of the bill using the device, that would be a saving of $12 per month or $144 per year.

Multiply that by 5 years and you save a huge $720!

(click on image for higher resolution)

Percentage Savings

(156.99 - 120.96 / 156.99 )x 100% = 22.95%

Electricity Bill of Mr Lim before installing the Power Saver in his house.

Electricity Bill of Mr Lim after installing the Power Saver in his house.

Percentage Savings

(123.81 - 80.37 / 123. 81) x 100% = 35%

Electricity Bill of Mr Ong before installing the Power Saver in his house.

Electricity Bill of Mr Ong after installing the Power Saver in his house.

Percentage Savings

(183.4 - 145.91 / 183.4 ) x 100% = 20.4%

All test results were carried out in year 2000 to 2001, during the first launch of this product in SE Asia. The new and improved stock has just arrived for 2006!

One unit of the Power Saver will work on the whole house as soon as you plug it into the 13 amp power socket and turn on the switch. Our field test in homes have consistently shown that one unit of the Power Saver will save 3 to 4 kwh per day, based on an average of 30kwh consumption per day.

The amount of savings you experience depends on a few factors, such as

  • The type of electrical appliances you use
  • The amount of electricity you use
  • The location of installation of the Power Saver
  • The quality stability of your electrical voltage supply


  • The plug of the power cord should not be shaken or simply removed when powered on. Poor or loose contact should be avoided.
  • This device can store electrical charge. Wait for 10 seconds after the electrical supply is switched off before unplugging from the socket.
  • Do not use on a multi-purpose socket, or in a multiple adapter.

Tested by PSB (SPRING) Singapore and Sirim (Malaysia)

This product has been approved to be marketed and sold in Singapore & Malaysia.

Below shows the PSB (Singapore) test report of the Mini Sun 388 Power Saver on a fluorescent tube: before & after.


The Power Factor of the fluorescent tubes increased upon the use of the Power Saver. It is a measure of how effectively a customer utilizes electricity. The closer the Power Factor is to 1.0 the better, since more of the supplied electricity will be used to perform useful work. If Power Factor is increased, it means that less electricity is wasted to power the appliance.

Definition of Power Factor:
This is the ratio of active power (watts) to apparent power (VA). The fraction of power actually utilized by the electrical equipment compared to the total apparent power supplied. Power Factor has a value somewhere between zero and one. The distribution utility has to provide equipment that will carry Amps, and if the Power Factor is poor (less than about 0.9), the distribution network is inefficient. This inefficiency is passed onto the customer as higher charges.

Importance of Power Factor
A power factor of one or "unity power factor" is the goal of any electric utility company since if the power factor is less than one, they have to supply more current to the user for a given amount of power use. In so doing, they incur more line losses. They also must have larger capacity equipment in place than would be otherwise necessary. As a result, an industrial facility will be charged a penalty if its power factor is much different from 1.0

Hence, the Mini Sun Power saver actually helps the utility companies by eliminating interference to the power supply!

Suitable for use in Homes, Shops, Offices, Restaurants. Schools..

Fully compliant with safety standards, German technology.

We are so convinced that this product will help YOU save money on your electrical bills, we are offering 90 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you find that it has not helped you save on your electrical consumption.

This Power Saver is also backed by a 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty from defects!

Mini Sun (MS 188): Recommended for electrical bills less than $200 per month, or Single Phase electrical supply.

Normal Retail price $209

Special promotion $189!!

Mini Sun (MS 388): Recommended for electrical bills more than $200 per month, or 3-Phase electrical supply.

Normal Retail price $239

Special promotion $219!!

Referral & Affiliate System

We are so sure that after seeing your first electricity bill once you have installed the Power Saver, you will be telling all your friends and family!

As a way of thanking and rewarding our customers, for every person you recommend to purchase the Power Saver, we will pay you $30. How is that for value!?

Mini Sun Power Stabilizer FAQ & Working Principles

Q1. What is MiniSun PowerStabilizer and Electricity Saver?

It is a device that uses German technology to stabilize the electrical current, reduce power surges and improves power factor of your electrical appliances. In doing so, it reduces electrical overheating and saves power consumption in an electrical network.

Q2. Where is it manufactured?

In Malaysia by MINI SUN Inc.

Q3. How long has this device been in the market ?

5 years, Since year 2000.

Q4. Which country is it in use?

Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and United Kingdom and world wide via on line purchase.

Q5. Is this device legal?

Yes. It has been approved by the Malaysian Energy Commissions (Sirim) and Singapore Public Utility Board and fully comply with safety standards.

Q6. Is this Device guaranteed to save electricity?

Yes. Please see additional supplement Notes below.

Q7. How do I use it?

For a premise with a single phase wired system, simply plug the Minisun188 device into any available 13 Amps 3-pin plug. The 13 Amp power-point must be a original dedicated power point. Sharing with an adapter is not allowed. A temporary Extension Power point hook to a multiple extension socket is not allowed. There is no necessity to plug it as near to the Meter as possible. Leave it switched on. If you want to disconnect the device from the power point, switch off the switch at the power point and wait for 10 seconds before disconnecting the 3 pin plug to allow for power to dissipate. (There is power in the capacitor)

For a premise with a 3 phase wired system, consult a qualified electrician or consult the Seller of the Device. You can identify the 3 phase system by the red, blue and yellow power cables entering the meter. You will need to identify which phase carries the highest current and connect the Minisun388 into the respective 13 Amps socket.

Q8. It can be use in a Single Phase wired building. What about in 3 phase buildings?

Yes, it can be use in a 3 phase wired building as well. See Instructions on how to install it above.

Q9. How many percent of savings can I expect from using this device?

Between 10% to 20 % and more depending on various factors. (more details below)

Q10. Is there any maintenance required on this product?

No, this Device is maintenance free. There are no moving parts, it is not classed as an electrical appliance. Simply plug it into any 13 Amps socket and its done.

Q11. Is there a warranty or guarantee on the life span of this product?

Yes: see the Warranty Card when you purchase it. 1 year warranty from defects and 90 days money-back guarantee if you experience no savings from your electrical bill.

Q12. What are the limitations on the use of the Minisun?

This Device can be used in Shops, Home, Office, Restaurants, etc .

However it is not designed for loads in heavy duty settings.

*Additional supplement notes on the Minisun below.

The following tips are helpful in determining why there is no reduction in the cost of the electric bills after installing the device for at least a month.

1. Apparent non-reduction of the electric bill after one month of use. This happens when the Utility monthly bills is an estimated bill instead of actual metered bill.

2. The Minisun Power Saver having been installed, has been left switched off after the power point has been used for other appliances.

3. The device has been installed mid way after the reading of the previous bill or just before the next bill and so does not show a reduction when the bill comes. Too short a period to see the difference.

4. Users electric power usage is not typical or consistent. Eg. Periods of heavy electrical usage fluctuating with periods of very low electrical usage. There is no constant pattern of use. This does not mean that the Minisun power saver is not working. An accurate way to judge this situation is to compare the actual bills and average them over 3 months to get a pattern of average monthly consumption and compare it with the preceding 3 months before installation of the Minisun.

5. Additional equipment is installed by the User after the Minisun Power Saver Device has been installed. This in effect increases the electrical consumption of the premise over and above what the Minisun was originally designed for.

6. User does not install the recommended number of units of Minisun calculated according to their monthly consumption, either due to lack of available power-points or installation of additional power-consuming appliances. The Minisun Power Saver is stretched to its limits and cannot perform efficiently.

7. The same situation applies to a premise with 3 phase electrical wiring system. There are insufficient power-points to install the recommended number of devices to optimize the savings (i.e. install a lesser quantity than the recommended units).

Each unit of the MS388 can handle a monthly maximum load not exceeding 2000 KWH x 3 phase (6000KWH) and if a household's electrical load exceeds it, 2 units should be installed per phase or else the results will not show a reduction in power consumed as the device is overworked. Eg. instead of installing 2 units recommended per phase, (2 for each phase), Owner only installs one unit in each of the 3 phase. Example, a customer merely installs 1 unit in a 3 phase wired building. The other 2 phases are not covered by the Minisun, hence the Minisun does not seem to work.

8. Savings will be substantial on appliances with inductive loads (motor-related appliances like Air Cons, Freezers, fridge, Fans etc ). Savings will be less on heating elements.

9. The conditions of the household appliances also affects the performances of the Minisun. Well maintained appliances certainly cost less to operate (energy efficient) and if after installation of the device, owners neglect to continue maintaining the appliances (eg. Air-cons, servicing the filters, condensers, heat exchangers at the due intervals), this will make the electrical appliances work harder, hence increasing your electrical bill.

10. Ambient temperature also has an effect on the performance of the device. On hotter days, the air con will use more energy to cool the rooms and so the device while reducing the cost of the bills will have to work on higher parameters of ambient temperatures and extra load. This will tend to give an "apparent" indication that the device does not work.

Some air-cons are set on manual High cooling rate all the time and this will also result in apparent in-effectiveness of the Minisun.

Working Principles

All electrical supply is subject to surges from time to time, which result in spikes or parasitic peaks that cannot be used by your appliances as working power. These spikes simply consume electricity to no benefit. Worse still, they result in overheating, which shortens the life your appliances and wiring, and in extreme cases can cause burns, blow outs and power cuts.

The Minisun Power Saver uses a capacitor system to stabilize the flow of electricity. It reduces the spikes in the supply, protecting against surges. The system improves the power factor of your electricity and reduces your electricity bill by on average 15%.

The Minisun Power Saver will work on the whole circuit in your building (Single Phase). Field testing for a typical home consistently shows that the Power Saver will save 3 to 4 kw per day, based on electrical consumption of 30 kw per day. The amount of savings depends on a few factors, such as the types of electrical appliances, the time they are in use and the location. Places near to shops, restaurants and light industries, where the voltage supply is unstable and fluctuating will see higher savings. Where voltage supply is particularly unstable, the Power Saver can reduce electrical consumption by 30% or more.

The Power Saver reduces the reactive power generated by inductive loads. It extends the life span of an appliance’s motor, and helps the utility companies by eliminating interference to the power supply.

The Minisun also improves safety by reducing the overheating of electrical wiring. This in effect can lead to reduction in the size of wiring and copper loss. The Minisun also extends the life span of your electrical appliances. The Power Saver is made in Malaysia, and has been tested by PSB (Singapore) and SIRIM QAS Malaysia and checked for compliance with EU standards. Device is able to store electricity for 5 to 10 seconds and release it for use during downside voltage.

Technical Aspects

There are two components of power: reactive power and working (real) power.

  • Reactive power (kVAR) is used to create EMF in the inductive loads in your home
    and business. This power performs no "real" work.

  • Working power (kW) is the power that performs the function of the load, i.e. turns the
    drive shaft.

These two components combine to formulate Apparent Power (kVA), the total power which the load consumes. Apparent power is equal to the square root of kW2 + kVAR

Power Factor is the ratio of working power (kW) to apparent power (kVA). In other words, looking at all the power that a load consumes, how much of it (percentage wise) is used to perform the real work. A higher Power Factor means the electrical appliance is more efficient and consumes less electricity. The Minisun increases the Power Factor of an electrical appliance.

The Mini Sun Power Saver improves the power factor by reducing the amount of reactive power (kVAR) that the load draws from the utility company. This is accomplished by supplying the reactive power locally at the load by the use of capacitors. Capacitors store the reactive power (kVAR) needed for the creation of the EMF within the inductive load. As the motor operates, this reactive power is "pulled" and "pushed" to and from the capacitors by the motor. In simpler terms, it can said that inductive receivers (motors, transformers, etc) consume reactive energy, while capacitor (capacitive receivers) produce reactive energy. Therefore the amount of reactive power purchased from the utility company by a power factor optimization has been greatly reduced, or eliminated by use of the Minisun.


Benefit of increased Power Factor. Consumers whose applicable tariffs include MD* charges and Power Factor surcharge shall be able to reduce their energy demand and consumption, thus will benefit from both the reduced cost of energy and reduced consumption of electricity. Consumers whose applicable tariffs do not include MD* charges and Power Factor surcharge shall benefit from the reduction in energy consumption due to increased efficiency of their electrical appliances, reduces in losses and better voltage profiles.


  • MD = Maximum Demand Meter

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Contact: Edmund Ng


I bought the MiniSun 188 Power Saver upon the recommendation of my colleague. My apartment has 3 air-cons, which we use everynight. After 1 month of using the Minisun power saver (which was quite easy- just plug it into any electrical socket and turn it on), my electrical bill went down from $145 to $115! That is a huge saving.. just by using this simple device. Highly recommended indeed.
(Rajesh Saraj, Bukit Batok, Singapore)

Incredible device. After installation of Mini Sun Power Saver, my electricity bill went down from S$114 to S$92. Now I am confident that this device really can help me to reduce my electricity bill.
(James, Chua Chu Kang, Singapore)

Thank you very much. Mini Sun Power Saver really helped me to reduce my electricity bill. I will be back for more and recommend this to anyone who needs the same. Good luck.
(Vincent, Singapore)

I encountered similar product, but this is cheaper. They even provided FREE delivery and installation service. Very good
(Michelle, Singapore)

**results may vary

Terms & Conditions

The below terms and conditions of sale apply to the exclusion of all other conditions, which may be made by the customer or legal entity placing an order with Maxsynergy.

Cancellation of Order: We import goods based on your specific order. When ordered, goods will be stored at our warehouse until delivered. Order cancellation will incur all of Maxsynergy’s costs being passed on to the customer.

Payment: A 50% deposit is required to accompany your first order. Subsequent orders may also require this deposit. Balance of payment is due on delivery, unless otherwise stated on invoice or on prior communication from Maxsynergy. Modes of payment acceptable include (i) Cash, (ii) Bank Transfer (iii) Cheque. Non-payment or late payment of goods and services supplied by Maxsynergy will be pursued vigorously. Legal fees, debt collection fees and all our costs spent on this recovery will be sought. Interest of 1.5% per month, calculated daily, will apply

Delivery: Maxsynergy makes every effort to supply products on time and have a proven record of doing so. However, we rely upon the information supplied to us by our suppliers being accurate and timely. Maxsynergy will bear no liability for product delivery delay due to the following circumstances; transport failure, floods, war, act of terrorism, accident, fire, industrial action, supplier delay, manufacturer delay or any other circumstances beyond our control.

It is recommended an advanced notification of at least 3 weeks for large orders of more than 50 pieces, especially if specific logo designs are required.

Delivery to any location in Singapore is free upon 3 or more orders. Installation of MiniSun388 & electrical levelling for 3 phase power supply is charged at SG$80 flat rate.

Colours: Choice of available colours for MiniSun Power Savers is light purple for the MS188, and navy blue for the MS388. No other colours are available or will be entertained.

Defective products: 7 days exchangeable upon delivery date due to manufacturer’s defects

In the event of any defects (defined as broken casing, exposed wires), Maxsynergy will replace the defective Power Saver on a 1 to 1 exchange. Maxsynergy takes no liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or exemplary damages, including but not limited to, damages resulting from the use or the inability to use the product (excessive force, exposure to excessive heat or humidity), or any misuse of the product in a manner not in accordance with their intended use upon received by customer.

Returns / Claims: Maxsynergy will not accept product returns unless we have authorised your claim in writing. Claims must be made in writing and received by Maxsynergy within 7 days of the date of supply. Claims made after 7 days will not be considered. We reserve the right to re-supply faulty goods. It is the right of Maxsynergy, in its sole judgement and discretion, to determine if a product is faulty.

We trust the above is in order and look forward to being given the opportunity to offer our services to your organization. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned should you have further queries or seek clarifications on our proposal.

Yours sincerely,

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